The Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer regular workshops preparing you for birth and the arrival of your baby.

How to Have a Baby

This one-day workshop gives you the crucial basics for giving yourself the best possible chance of a normal birth.

  • birth physiology – what your body 'needs' to give birth with ease
  • what disturbs the birth process/what protects it
  • comfort and coping – building your 'kit'
  • exploring choices – knowing your rights – building your birthplan
  • what to expect – how labour unfolds and pacing yourself through it
  • support in births

It's many women's aim to avoid interventions and give birth naturally. But in the context of modern maternity care, you have to help this to happen – by actively informing and preparing yourself; by making very specific birth choices rooted in what you body and baby need. This one-day workshop provides you with just the information, meaning you'll end the day feeling confident – equipped with a very practical level of knowledge to take you forward.

"The course was a complete turning point for me. I knew I wanted to give birth normally, that I didn't want it to be like those distressing scenes of birth you see on the tv. But I guess up until this workshop, I thought it was mostly in the lap of the gods, that there was only so much you could do. The course taught me otherwise – that there was a whole heap of stuff I could do to help me have a straightforward, positive birth. By understanding it all properly, having this really clear picture of what to expect, my husband and I could shape the birth by planning and considering our choices properly in advance and on the day itself, pace ourselves carefully and relax into it. The result was a beautiful, simple birth with a wonderful NHS midwife in my own front room" Georgie.

The cost of the one-day workshop is £100 per person or £185 per couple. The cost includes follow- up phone support in early labour.

Workshop dates – 2018

coming soon....

Early Days

There's so much focus on birth now, that it's difficult to think much about the hours and days right after – what it will feel like having a newborn in your arms. Once, we'd have all seen, heard and held new babies. But these days it's easily possible for a mother's first experience to be with her own baby.

As with birth, it's tempting to think it's a case of wait-and-see. But by addressing some vital questions in advance, parents are clearer on what to expect, which helps them to feel more confident for when their baby arrives. What does a newborn need? How will you feel? How often do you breastfeed?

How do I soothe my baby when they cry? All these questions are answered, and more. A day of hands-on guidance and in-depth discussion will provide you with a good, solid sense of what to expect of those first hours and days.

We look at the welcome and how you might provide for your baby's shift from womb to world; first feeding; sleep; how to soothe; the shift from two to three. Even changing a nappy. Both mothers on their own and couples are welcome and the cost is £75 per person, £140 per couple.

Workshop dates – 2018

coming soon....

To book a place on any the above courses, please use the website contact form, and we will be in touch with further details and confirmation.