In pregnancy

We provide three preparation meetings. We each meet you once alone, and then we finally meet together for a third time. These are the 'official' sessions to ready you, but from the point of booking, we are always on hand for a chat by phone/email or if preferred, a cup of tea. Over the course of those sessions, we equip you completely, with everything you need to know:

  • the basics of birth physiology
  • building your comfort kit
  • coping techniques including hypnobirthing and relaxation
  • two active birth yoga sessions
  • in-depth understanding of what to expect/ a general 'roadmap' of labour
  • pacing yourselves
  • good evidence and resources to help you make your choices/ care preferences
  • the 'welcome' - the first hours with your newborn

Being on call

Two weeks before your estimated due date, we go on call for you. We are available 24 hours a day. You’ll have our telephone numbers and have got to know us both. But when you feel signs that labour is beginning, you’ll contact whomever is on duty. The on call period continues until your baby is born. If labour starts before the on call period, we will of course do our best to attend you. Support usually starts with text and phone contact, and in due course, we come to your home – reassuring you, supporting you and getting you relaxed and comfortable.

Labour and Birth

It’s impossible to know at what point you will want us to come to your home. For most women, there is a degree of build-up and some women want company during this time. Others just want support for labour itself. We are guided by you. In every case, the care we provide is practical and emotional, anything from running a bath and making tea, to advocating when a difficult decision needs making. If you are going into hospital, we help you transfer in, get you settled and support you until your baby is born.

Your baby is here

We remain for approximately two hours after your birth, helping to protect this special time, support you with first feeding, and getting you comfortable. When you are all settled, we leave.


We visit once postnatally to check that feeding is established and manageable - and that you, your partner and your baby are well. We often talk through the birth as well as any newborn questions you may have. We are happy to visit a further time if there are issues outstanding.

Postnatal doula support

We offer postnatal support on request. A single session is three hours, morning or afternoon and includes general early-days support (eg babycare, soothing, answering questions), help with breastfeeding, preparing meals, light housework, washing, looking after your baby while you sleep. Arrangements are individually tailored and based on your needs.

Active Birth Yoga Classes

Natalie holds Active Birth Yoga classes every Thursday, 6.30pm to 8.30pm at the Garage Studio, 26 Priest's Bridge, Barnes, SW14 8TA ( They include one and a quarter hours of yoga, breathing and relaxation, with the remaining time devoted to tea, talk, positive stories and support. The cost per class is £20 and places can be booked on a calendar monthy basis. Contact Natalie directly to confirm your space.

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