We love what we do.

For both of us, giving birth was an experience we cherish, that we remember with pleasure - and there is no greater feeling than seeing the mothers we support come to feel that way too.

Our starting point is getting you ready for the birth of your baby. Ready practically and emotionally. By sharing all the wisdom, experience and ways to comfort we've gathered over the years, we get you feeling confident and positive - curious and excited about the birth ahead. Preparedness helps you to feel safe, strong and in charge of your choices. It enables you to participate fully in the birth of your baby - a vital key to having a positive experience.

There’s a lot of negativity surrounding birth these days. It’s common for pregnant women to feel bewildered and worried. Which is why experienced doula support can help. Having us on hand in pregnancy, having us by your side in birth – this is the kind of continuous connection that mothers would have relied on traditionally and which helped them to feel good about having babies.

So a big part of our role is giving you knowledge - setting the record straight; presenting you with accurate facts and good, evidence-based information; empowering you to make commonsense and confidence in your body your guide, rather than misconception or even fear.

​Birth should and can be a predictable, manageable process for the vast majority. According to the World Health Organisation, over 90% of women should be able to give birth, in good health, requiring no medical assistance at all. But for that statistic to be realised, it’s necessary to take responsible steps and get clear on some stuff; female physiology; how birth works; what you and your partner can expect. Some women have complex needs in pregnancy, and again we can help mothers to navigate the maternity care system, so that their care is optimal and their choices respected.

Whatever your journey, we give you the map. We show you the way, tailoring and attuning our support to what you've decided feels good for you.

People often ask us the following questions:

Why would I need a doula if I have my partner?

It's usual for people to wonder why a doula would be necessary. Not only is the birth of a baby an intimate life event, but there's sometimes a concern that a doula would replace the father as caregiver. This is not true. A doula never replaces the support a partner can provide. What we do is take away the stress so that they can respond and care for you naturally - and be themselves. Looking after someone in labour requires confidence, experience of birth and a knowledge of what is normal. In this respect, a doula’s presence will be a support for both of you – helping you to relax and enjoy the birth of your baby.

Why would I need a doula if I’m going to have a midwife?

As kind and experienced as your midwife will certainly be, it is unlikely she will be in a position to sit quietly by your side or hold your hand. Practical and emotional support is crucial to an uncomplicated birth and yet with all the demands now on modern maternity care, neither are in ready supply. With a doula, they are guaranteed. As labour takes its normal, but sometimes surprising twists and turns, it’s a reassuring feeling to have someone at your side that you have got to know, who has the skill to keep you confident, who is completely and exclusively there for you.

What if I can’t afford it?

Noone should be without a doula if they want one. If cost is an issue, please tell us. We accept instalments and in situations of low income, are happy to reduce our fee.