Yoga For Birth

A wonderful way to prepare for birth is to stretch; to stretch and breathe and find positions that feel good. Natalie’s class in South West London provides precisely this, an opportunity to reach, open, lean, lie and rest - to improve strength, flexibility and learn well-being with your body.

It also provides a chance to get ready for the physical and emotional experience of labour, to find out how your body works in birth and what it needs in order to express and function confidently. The combination of all these class elements is you sleeping better, breathing well and week on week, feeling your self-assurance increase.

At the end of the session, there is tea, there is cake, and there is talk! A warm circle of mothers - women in the same boat as you - feels wonderful to be part of, an important chance to share and chat and learn about what you are going through in pregnancy and what you will need for birth and life with a new baby.

The class is held every Monday evening (6.30 to 8.30pm) at the Pavilion, Vine Road Recreation Ground, Vine Road, Barnes, SW14 . Book your place by emailing Natalie directly on or calling 07976 261542.